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  • Dr Romulo Guerrero, Plastic and Craniofacial Surgeon  (Quito and Cuenca), SLEEP APNEA




  • Dr Romulo Guerrero, Plastic and Craniofacial Surgeon - (Quito and Cuenca), Facial rejuvenation is any cosmetic or medical procedure used to increase or restore the appearance of a younger age to human face. 




  • Hair implant, Dr Juan Estaban ARIZAGA, testimony of Richard coming from the US (NC) for his hair implant surgery.





  • Dr Victor Salcedo Orellana, Plastic and reconstructive surgery in Cuenca Ecuador





  • Dr Mariana Vasquez, Cuenca Ecuador Otolaryngologist





  • Bioenergy medicine SAMMI MEDICAL, 4 Testimonies of patients who have been cured in Cuenca.





  • Hair implant, Dr Juan Estaban ARIZAGA, the highest rate of micro-implants in the world and the highest number of surgery hours...





  • HOSPITAL MONTE SINAI , top hospital in Cuenca Ecuador






  • COMAR , customs agents in Cuenca Ecuador





  • DERMACLINIC Dr. Ambrosi, Dermatologist in Cuenca.





  • Representaciones Pedro Araneda, Distribution of laboratory diagnostics items in the Austro (Roche, Wiener etc...).





  • RARA AVIS Rainforest Costa Rica, Costa Rica's oldest and purest Rainforest Lodge. Whether you are learning to understand the rainforest with naturalist guides, swimming in crystalline jungle waterfalls, or simply relaxing and watching birds from the hammock on your balcony, Rara Avis is completely isolated from modern civilization. Riding in a covered tractor cart through the forest to get to the Waterfall Lodge draws you back in time from modern civilization of cleared cattle lands to an adventure deep in the forest.






  • 2C Architecture Company Cuenca Ecuador, Architects Raul, Paul and Maria Fernanda Cordero





  • Dr Romulo Guerrero, Craniofacial Surgeon in Quito and Cuenca






  • Dr Galarza and Dr Kourilovitch, UNERA Ecuador Autoimmune diseases Center










  • Dr Sonia Cabrera, Laboratory in Cuenca specialized in Immune testing





  • Dr PONCE, Testimonies of US patients in different surgical procedures on the request of MEDICAL TOURISM big company...









  • HOTEL SAN ANDRES, in plain downtown of Cuenca with outstanding attention to clients





  • Dr PONCE, Testimonies of patients in different surgical procedures











  • ORAL MEDIC, Dr Cristian ABAD Oral Rehabilitation center.





  • OMNITRON, Security company in Cuenca, Guayaquil and Quito.





  • DR Manuel Estuardo Bravo - ORTHODENT Dental Clinic, dental clinic in Cuenca with excellent young doctors





  • DR FABIAN PONCE, TV Ads running on TELERAMA TV for 6 months (in Spanish only), 16/9 format and HD.











  • ATMA, at an hour drive from Cuenca, Sigsig PANAMA HATS factory
    GOLD AWARD at FITE 2011





  • Dr. Nora Ugalde de Ordoņez, Cuenca "Paternity DNA testing and diagnosis molecular" Laboratorio BIOMOLECULAR





  • Dr. Fabian Ponce Vasquez M.D.PhD., Cuenca "Corneal Transplant"





  • BIENSTAR, Cuenca, Guayaquil & Quito Furniture





  • Dr. Fabian Ponce Vasquez M.D.PhD., Cuenca "Vitrectomy"





  • COLOAUSTRO, Cuenca Law Firm (Immigration, Real Estate & Business) with correspondants in Guayaquil, Quito and Loja.





  • Dr. Fabian Ponce Vasquez M.D.PhD., Cuenca "Excimer Laser"





  • Ecuador Orthopaedics & Trauma - Dr Ochoa





  • Dr. Fabian Ponce Vasquez M.D.PhD., Cuenca Ophthalmologist





  • Dr. Jose Medina, Cuenca Urologist





  • Dr. Juan Esteban Arizaga, Cuenca, Guayaquil and Quito Hair transplant surgeon





  • Dr. Romulo Guerrero, Cuenca and Quito plastic surgeon





  • Dr. Fabian Polo Barzallo, Cuenca orthodontist





  • Dr Acosta, Dentist in Cuenca





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