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  • Taser as self defense in Ecuador?  Do you need a license? What type of tasers and at what price?





  • H1N1 Vaccine in Ecuador?  Can we escape it here in Ecuador? (the entire interview is private, please become a subscriber  to be able to view it)





  • Parasites?  Necessity of being tested every 6 months.

***Comment posted on YOUTUBE after uploading the videos:

"this past July, I was in Quito to visit a friend, however, the day before I arrived, my friend was hospitalized due to a GI bleed; after 6hrs in surgery, it was determined his massive bleed (needing 21 units of blood) was due to parasites, amoeba, ate thru an artery in his colon! He didn't have any symptoms beforehand."





  • What to do now?  During a conference, Marco is asking Brian o'Leary a question about knowledge versus action in this delicate time in history...





  • Pet transportation, how difficult is it to fly a pet to Ecuador?





  • Driving license, do you have to take it again if you have a foreign driving license?





  • Vaccine H1N1 does not convince the ex-pats of Vilcabamba!





  • Real Estate prices in Vilcabamba...Finally some numbers!










  • Administration and paperwork, heavy task...




  • MOVISTAR calling card, is it refundable when useless?
    2 days spent trying to refund or replace a forged calling card without success! Pathetic customer care...that must be why its competition is number one!...

Day 1


Day 2




  • Landslides, what if?





  • Dogs...The trend of poisoning dogs. Animals have no rights in Ecuador?





  • Immigration...How much time can a tourist stay in Ecuador? (private video, please become a subscriber  to be able to view it)



** Immigration officer of Vilcabamba, update March 2009
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  • Health issue...Is the hospital of Vilcabamba reliable?





  • Colegio de Vilcabamba, or where to get the teenagers educated in Vilcabamba?





  • Tenant/Landlord issues: How long a residential contract? Can the landlord increase the rent after one year lease? Very interesting info directly from the Courthouse! PRIVATE VIDEO (for members-subscribers only)





  • Arch's issues: the serial rapist of Vilcabamba, police, real estate scams, dirt roads, customs...Issues in Vilcabamba and Ecuador in general.





  • Lucas's issues: the Ecuador Customs... nightmare in Guayaquil! PRIVATE VIDEO (for members-subscribers only)





  • David's issues: lack of entertainment in Vilcabamba





  • Travelers checks, an issue in Ecuador





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